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Fandooble {Favorite Family Game}

See why we love Fandooble, one of our favorite family games

Fandooble | Favorite Family Game | MoneywiseMoms

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Fandooble? Yes, it’s a funny name, but it’s one of our family favorites! Fandooble is a “press your luck” game that’s easy to learn and plays quickly, so it’s great for all ages (you can just play again if your youngest players lose). Good for 2-6 players, we have played with everyone from ages 5-adult. Since it’s a luck game, there’s not much strategy for younger ones to be missing compared to adults. Roll the dice and see what combination of dragons, wizards and coin-collectors you get. You’re aiming to collect coins from the center of the table, but you can steal from your neighbors, too. Once the coins in the center are gone, everyone counts up to see who wins.

Dice Circle

On your turn, you roll the four dice. If you get Treasure, you take a coin from the center pile. If you get the Thief, you can steal a coin from a neighbor. Dragons are bad, so on the next roll you’re down to two dice, but there’s a Wizard or Knight to cancel those Dragons out. The worst that can happen is getting three Red Dragons; you lose it all (seems to happen to me the most!).

Keep rolling, or stop and keep your coins? It’s hard for kids to decide when to quit and when to press their luck, so the game plays differently every time, which gives it great longevity. We’ve enjoyed this game for a couple of years now, and it’s a great one to bring out when multi-ages are around.

Fandooble | Favorite Family Game | MoneywiseMoms

You know I appreciate little details–like the cloth drawstring bag that’s included to hold the gold coins, which makes it easy to clean up and hard to lose the pieces. Next time you’re looking for a great kid birthday gift or new game for your Family Game Night, give Fandooble a try.

As always, please find a local game store or independent toy store to buy Fandooble. The publisher, MindTwister USA, has a store locator on their site. If you can’t find it locally, you can also shop online.

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