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Gina vs. Head Lice

Just when I thought I was getting really really good at dealing with head lice–since we're in our third week of it and of course it's the child with the wild curly hair so it takes forEVER to go through–and just one day after I actually called my sister to celebrate the face that we were lice-free…

My son got head lice. Here we go again. I did 14 loads of laundry last week, because of the head lice. I am constantly itching. I am constantly picking through everyone's head, even at the dinner table until my husband tells me to stop.

Head Lice

 Oh, and the third child has a mysterious illness that makes her moan and groan and not go to school or eat anything, but the doctor says it's not strep and wait it out. And now we're expecting a giant snowstorm that will make us housebound, which makes me moan and groan because I've been housebound between sick kid and head lice kid for four days already.

I will get through this, because Tough Times Don't Last.

At least it is taking my worries off the furlough and the disappointment of cancelling our spring break trip since we don't know what's happening with my husband's job.

How was your weekend?




Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

Isn't it funny how I totally did not read this article when it first came out fearing that it might bring the wrath of lice into my house. Now reading it because, yup. Lice. Went to CVS and they were all out of lice removal products so what does that say? Aghhhh.... Three cheers for all dealing with this. ugh. I'm sure there is a direct correlation between lice removal product sales and alcohol sales...


Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

Sorry you got it too, Janel! It's been going around in our school so I'm sure it hits everywhere en masse. I am pretty sure (knock on wood) that we're over it, but I still check everyone and wonder how long I'll be paranoid about it.


Wednesday 6th of March 2013

Our whole family except my husband got lice this summer. Two sets of twins 5 and 3 plus an 11 year old. The OTC shampoos were ok. We did get prescription from Dr which helped tremendously. However, that terminator comb was the BOMB diggity. It helped SO much. We eventually got through it. Your comments about itching was me August 2012. Two weeks and we were totally over it. A month later I was psychologically better and not itching b/c I thought I still had those little critters. I let the kids play on my phone while using the terminator - that kept them distracted.

Leigh Hall

Tuesday 5th of March 2013

hey there. just wanted to encourage you through this time. you will get through this and this too shall pass.two of my four children and myself had lice 2 years ago. it lasted for 2 months. i combed through our hair every single day, twice a day. it was not fun. i even pulled out my microscope to see if what I was pulling out was alive or dead. i became so crazy about it but coming them out and putting the comb in a cup of water helped so that i could see what i was actually getting out of our heads. my daughter and i have very long hair and hers and mine took the longest. but we got through it and i finally decided to stop combing and checking when i felt we were done. just persevere and keep combing. don't fret. god will use this to glorify himself. i thought to myself i can't use this for anything, but when i went to camp as a counselor i was able to minister to a little girl who had lice when she was at camp. god used it for his glory!!

Sally Wallace

Tuesday 5th of March 2013

When my girls were in school a friend told me to use "coconut" shampoo and conditioner during the school year. She told me lice do not like the smell of coconut. And to my surprise my girls never got them again. Try this and see if it works for you.

Blessings, Sally


Tuesday 5th of March 2013

my daughter had wildly curly hair when she was little, and of course she got head lice. And they really seemed to like her because it took us forever to get rid of them. i tried all the over the counter remedies which were tough on her hair and didn't seem to work for her. I finally resorted to coating her head in mayo, wrapping it in plastic and making her sleep in it. It worked. But ew. she wasn 't impressed in the least. I definately feel your pain. As well as your disappointed over canceling spring break trip. We don't have the possible furlough hanging over our heads, but financially we shouldn't go. So we had to cancel as well. I'm waiting for the storm as well. And I'm not looking forward to that either.