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Packing Lunches Revisited

Packing Lunches Revisited

We're halfway through the school year, are you feeling fatigue from packing lunches? I sure am! Since the holiday break, I have fallen into some lazy habits and find myself spending too much money as well as feeling stressed in the mornings. Time to re-commit to the money-saving strategies I know work for packing lunches:

  1. Buy big, make small: Instead of purchasing tiny bowls of fruit and bags of snacks, it saves money to buy larger quantities and portion them yourselves. Use reusable containers for small packs of pretzels, fruit, and other snacks. I drain the juice from pineapples, mandarin oranges, etc. so they won't leak or splatter when my kids take the top off.
  2. Use leftovers: One of the best ways to not waste food and encourage variety in the lunchbox is with our dinner leftovers. I'll share specifics in tomorrow's post about Alternatives to Lunch Meat, but it's easy to use up leftover vegetables, pasta, and more from other meals during the week.
  3. Switch to water: Rather than buying juice boxes or milk boxes, consider switching to water in a reusable container. It's free!
  4. Use reusable containers: If you haven't made the change yet, you can stop buying baggies and disposables and use sturdy plastic or metal containers. I've shared before about what containers we use, but I'll update my review on how those products have held up over the past few years and share a new find.

Over the next few days, look for more help as we revisit Packing Lunches, including a fun giveaway on Friday!

What are some ways you save money while packing lunches?

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Friday 25th of January 2013

I actually did a post at the beginning of the year where I wrote 22 ideas for bag lunches for kids, but most of the lunches would be great for adults too! My son loves the list ( I let him pick from it when he gets tired of PB&J) and I use it when I go to work at the base.

Nancy Ann Provan

Thursday 21st of February 2013

So, how can we find this list? I'm in a rut! :)

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Wednesday 16th of January 2013

Thank you for re-visiting this issue! I'm so tired of making lunches everyday only to hear my kids complain about them when they get home. I need some new inspiration!

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