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3 Ingredient Appetizer Recipes

If you need some easy 3 ingredient appetizer recipes, try some from this list. Each one is quick and easy, and they're great for events all year long–like game days, parties and potlucks.

Are these easy 3 ingredient appetizers?

All of these easy appetizer recipes can be prepared for a crowd which is nice if you have a lot of mouths to fee or a big party happening.

Honestly these are not healthy at all. These fun appetizer recipes have lots of cheese, carbs and fat.

How healthy are these appetizer recipes?

Zucchini Rolls with Guacamole

On this list, you'll find quick appetizers where one of the three ingredients is meat of some kind. Especially bacon!

These have a nice crunch, freshness from the grapes and a little bite from the cheese. It's a great recipe to share!

Pecan, Grape and Blue Cheese Bites Recipe

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