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5 Indoor Activities for Summer Days

Whether it's pouring rain or just too darn hot, keep these indoor activities on hand for summer days with the family.

This No Mess Marbled Painting from Inner Child Fun is a great way for kids to get tactile and artistic without making a mess!

Marble Painting

Start saving up your packages' bubble wrap so you're ready for the next rainy day! Be sure to write on the smooth side of the wrap.

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

This Masking Tape Racetrack from SheKnows would keep my kids busy for HOURS, either now on a rainy day or during a string of sick days in the winter.

Masking Tape Racetrack

We're huge fans of games at our house! I've reviewed a number of family games here at MoneywiseMoms, so you may find some that are new to you.

Board & Card Games

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