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The 15 Best Halloween Baby Costumes

It's almost Halloween! If you’re planning on celebrating with your baby, go trick or treating or attend a Halloween party, it's time to look for the best Halloween baby costumes to wear.

The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

Spooktacular Creations' unicorn costume comes with a hood, booties, and a magic wand for 100% mythical creature vibes!

Baby Unisex Unicorn Costume

It's made of premium flannel material, super breathable and absorbent, and can keep babies warm while spending time outside with the family.

Unisex Hooded Romper

One of the best ones out there is this Dalmatian puppy outfit set that comes with a dog bone, bowl, booties, and a hood.

Baby Dalmatian Puppy Costume

YuDanae's fancy Snow-White-inspired dress is a marvelous choice for baby princesses.

Baby Princess Romper Dress

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