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Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas for Easier Mornings

Looking for some breakfast meal prep ideas? It's important for teens (and you) to start the day off strong. It's easy to get in a rush each morning and skip breakfast.

I'm a big fan of using what you already have on hand. For meals that we eat at home, we usually use our glass Pyrex storage containers.

What supplies do I need to prep breakfast ahead of time?

Having easy-peel eggs on hand makes adding protein to breakfast super easy. Eat them plain, with a little salt and pepper.

Breakfast food ideas with eggs

A fruit salad with yogurt or nuts (for protein) can be a light, energizing breakfast.

Breakfast food ideas with fruit

One of the easiest ways that we've prepped ahead for busy mornings is by making a double batch of whole wheat freezer waffles.

Baked breakfast meal prep ideas

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