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Free and Low Cost Christmas Bucket List Ideas

Try new family traditions this year with this big list of free and low cost Christmas activities. Make a Christmas bucket list this year and work on it as a family.

Visit a Light  Show Close By

Visiting a local light show in your area is a good idea. You may be amazed at how FUN the kids think a light show is.

Hot  Chocolate Bar

Make a fancy hot chocolate bar with the family–either store-bought or homemade hot cocoa.

Decorate a Gingerbread House

Buy a gingerbread house kit and put it together with your loved ones. It’s fun adding different elements to the gingerbread house to make it look presentable.

Make your Own Ornaments

Use whatever art supplies you have on hand to make your own Christmas ornaments. You can hang them on your tree or give them away as gifts.

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