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Cilantro Lime Beef Fajitas on the Grill

The easy homemade cilantro lime marinade makes Beef Fajitas full of flavor!  Cilantro lime steak fajitas are the perfect grilling recipe for the summertime.


-  Lime juice -  Onion -  Garlic -  Fresh cilantro -  Cumin -  Salt -  Olive oil -  Butterflied inside skirt      steak or other thin      steak such as flank steak -  Bell pepper

Combine all ingredients in a zip top bag and refrigerate for 3-24 hours.

Step 1

Knock off most of the loose pieces of marinade off the steak before cooking.

Step 2

You can cook this on a cast iron grill pan with your exhaust fan running and the smoke isn’t too bad since there’s no sugar.

Step 3

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