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Creamy Roasted  Red Pepper Dip

This red pepper cream cheese dip is tasty, versatile, and super simple to make.

It's indulgent and you can serve it up with fresh veggies, crackers, pretzels, or chips.  This creamy roasted red pepper dip is also great to add to a bagel, wrap, or sandwich to give it a boost of creamy flavor!


-  Feta cheese -  Cream cheese -  Greek yogurt -  Red peppers -  Lemon juice -  Garlic clove -  Cumin

Place feta cheese, cream cheese, Greek yogurt and roasted red peppers in a food processor. Puree until smooth.

Step 1

Add lemon juice, crushed garlic and seasoning. Puree until garlic is broken down. Taste and adjust, as needed.

Step 2

Refrigerate at least one hour to allow the dip to thicken.

Step 3

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