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50+ Easy  Thanksgiving Desserts

These easy Thanksgiving desserts are great for the holidays but are also delicious year round.

Thanksgiving Desserts

Whether you prefer traditional Thanksgiving desserts or want to try something new, this big list has something for everyone!

Double Pecan Pie Shortbread Bars

Double Pecan Pie Shortbread Bars have all the delicious flavors of pecan pie in an easy to serve bar. Perfect for your Thanksgiving feast.

Fireball Whiskey Pumpkin Pie

This pumpkin pie variation contains Fireball whiskey for a boozy punch of flavor that's warming and comforting.

Pumpkin Fudge

This easy pumpkin fudge is rich, smooth, and loaded with pumpkin flavor. No candy thermometer necessary, and only 15 minutes of hands-on work!

Apple Hand Pies

Simple handheld pies filled with spiced apples and made with puff pastry for an easy assembly and even easier eating!

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