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Slow Cooker Ham Vegetable Chowder

As the weather cools off it's a great time to make slow cooker ham vegetable chowder.

This easy ham chowder is loaded with flavor and veggies, perfect for the whole family.


> spiral ham pieces, cooked > chicken broth > celery stalks, sliced > small red potatoes, sliced > frozen mixed vegetables (such as green beans, carrots, corn) > small yellow onion, chopped. > flour > butter, melted > milk

Add ham, broth, celery, potatoes, vegetables, and onion in slow cooker.

Step 1

Cover and cook on Low for 4 hours.

Step 2

In a small bowl whisk together melted butter, flour, and milk. Then, stir into crock.

Step 3

Cook for an additional hour.

Step 4

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