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The Best Way of Organizing Your Family’s Winter Gear

Winter break is a time for rest and relaxation, but there sure is a lot of clutter involved. 

Get prepared to send kids back to daycare and school with this major tip for organizing your family’s winter gear.

By labeling winter gear with your family’s last name, you’re much more likely to have it returned after it’s lost.  And yes, things will get lost, no matter how careful you are.

Label kids’ clothing

Use the Family Label Pack to label your kids’ sleds and snow saucers.  We’ve always labeled my son’s swim backpack and gear with waterproof labels since everyone on the team has the same equipment. 

Label sports gear

The lost and found is easier to navigate when you’ve labeled your kids’ bottles, sippy cups, snack containers and other lunch gear.

Label food & kitchen gear

Use your last name labels on board games, plastic and metal toys, and bins you use to organize them. You can even personalize your own Write-On Labels to say something like “This book belongs to” or “Please return to” if you’d prefer.

Label toys & games

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