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Puzzle Piece Valentine Heart Wreath

Upcycle a puzzle with missing pieces into a cute Valentine's Heart Wreath and let your family know that you love them to pieces!  What a frugal way to decorate for Valentine's Day.

This is a fun DIY project that you'll love!  You get to take a cheap dollar store puzzle or a puzzle you have at home that is missing pieces or beyond it's prime and turn it into something so cute and festive.

> Puzzle, 100 Pieces > Washable Markers > Craft Paint – White, Red, Light Pink and Hot Pink. > Baker’s Twine – Red and White. > Cardstock – White, 1” by 11” Rectangle. > Chipboard (think recycled cereal or cracker boxes) > Newspaper or Freezer Paper  (to protect work surface)


Gather all supplies.  Basecoat 25 puzzle pieces white, 25 red, 25 hot pink and 25 light pink.  Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary.

Step 1

Download, print and cut heart wreath pattern HERE.  Trace onto chipboard, cut outside with scissors and inside with craft knife on a self-healing mat.

Step 2

Randomly attach puzzle pieces to heart wreath base with the glue gun and glue sticks.

Step 3

Apply a second layer of puzzle pieces over top of the first layer.  Mix and match the colors and shapes to create an organic pattern.

Step 4

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