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Southwest Pasta with Chicken

Making this easy southwest pasta with chicken is great for a quick weeknight meal.  You can enjoy this chicken with pasta recipe for potlucks and parties too!

Southwest pasta with chicken is a chicken with pasta recipe that you won't want to skip. This is a wholesome and hearty meal that combines the best of both worlds.


> chicken tenders; boneless skinless > bowtie pasta > taco seasoning > mixed chili beans > olive oil > red onion; diced > roma tomatoes; diced > large avocado; diced > shredded cheese


1. In a cast iron skillet add olive oil and set to medium heat. Cook chicken tenders until done in the center. Dice chicken and add to a large bowl.

2. Cook pasta as directed on the box and drain. Place pasta into the bowl with the chicken. Pour in beans (do not drain beans). Add in diced onion and tomatoes. Shake the taco seasoning over the top and toss the entire mixture well.

3. Add in avocado and cheese. Toss lightly.

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