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Spooky Brownies for Halloween

These easy and fun spooky brownies for Halloween are perfect for sharing. If you need fast and easy Halloween treats, these brownies are the perfect solution.

Try out this recipe for Halloween treats with brownies that you can make at home quickly and easily.  If you need a snack to share with classmates, coworkers, friends, or party goers these spooky spider web brownies are cute and tasty!


> One Box Brownie Mix, Prepared > Circle Cookie Cutter > One tub Vanilla Frosting > Black Food Coloring > Piping Bag > Toothpicks

Instructions 1. Prepare brownies as instructed. Let cool a little and then run the knife along the edge of the pan to release.

2. Then take a cooling rack and lay over top of the pan and flip, be careful because the pan will still be hot.

3. Once they are out of the pan, place a cookie sheet over and flip again, so brownies are right side up.

4. Take a round cookie cutter and cut out as many brownies as you can get. Let cool completely.

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