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Summer Slow Cooker Meals

Crockpots are wonderful help year-round, and there are plenty of delicious summer slow cooker meals to get you through the heat of summer.

Why use your slow cooker in the summer?

Now that it's summer, we're looking for the same ease and low-stress meal prep that the slow cooker allows but with a different menu.

Keep cool!

Guess what doesn’t heat up the house? Your slow cooker. It puts up a lot less heat and it’s portable.

Perfect for sides

Do a little prep work in the morning and start a side dish in the slow cooker. Then you can grab a cold drink and join the fun in the yard.

Less to clean

Cooking dinner in the crockpot makes it a one-pot meal, so there's a lot less to deal with. Plus, you can use slow cooker liners to make it even easier!

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