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Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Some people like Thanksgiving leftovers even more than the meal itself! Find some new ways to use yours in this list of Thanksgiving leftovers recipes.

When it comes to planning for Thanksgiving we always focus on the food.  Traditionally it's a big meal to share with friends and family so it only makes sense that a little planning is involved.

What to make with Thanksgiving leftovers:

Here are some of my favorite side dishes that you can make with leftover veggies from Thanksgiving.  Check out some of these easy ways to enjoy holiday vegetables in a new way!

Mexican Street Corn Salad | Elote Salad

Delicious Corn Salad With Bacon

Crustless Bacon Asparagus Quiche

Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Turkey Stock

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