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Ways to Save on Fall Family Fun

Fall brings cooler weather and lots of fun for the season!

So many families have fall traditions of apple picking, visiting pumpkin  patches, and other outings. But it can get expensive, especially when  you have a big family! These tips may help.

Check daily deal sites Use daily deal sites like Certifikid and Groupon for discount tickets to your local pumpkin patch, fruit orchards and other fall outings.

Connect with your faves Follow your favorite fall festivals and farms on their Facebook and  other social media pages. You'll hear about coupons/discounts.

Pack your own food and drinks Whether you're headed out for a hike or to a pumpkin patch, packing your own saves money over expensive food stands.

Find free fun outdoors Fall is the perfect time to explore parks near you. Find a new-to-you playground, visit a national park in your area, or just head out for a hike.

Visit on non-peak days Our local farms and pumpkin patches often have lower ticket prices on weekdays. Some even offer $5 value days for specific dates.

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