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How To Stock Your Pantry

Use these methods to stock your pantry on a budget. These tips will help you have a well stocked pantry. You can learn how to stock your pantry and more importantly what to stock your pantry with!

have a well stocked pantry

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The perfect and well-stocked pantry doesn’t just exist on Pinterest. Raiding the fridge and pantry for something for dinner every night can be a challenge!

Having to dig through boxes of fruit snacks and tomato sauce to get to your pasta can make dinner even more of a challenge. With a few quick tips, you can have a well-stocked pantry that you can use to help you save money on your grocery bill.

Why should I have an organized, well stocked pantry?

It’s important to stock your pantry well so that you never have to stress about meal times. Along with being prepared in case of emergency a well stocked pantry can help you save money when meal planning.

If you have all of your essentials on hand that you purchase during sales and with coupons then you don’t have to run out to the store for a single item here and there!

Finally, I also like to stock my pantry well to avoid any last minute surprises. If I need to make dessert, a meal for a friend, or if I just have to whip up extra meals to keep the fridge or freezer stocked I don’t have to stress.

For your pantry:

an empty pantry.

How To Stock Your Pantry:

Here are my best tips and tricks on how to stock your pantry. Use these methods to get your pantry under control or to start from scratch and build up your own food pantry.

Stock up during great sales

You don’t have to become an extreme couponer to have an impressive pantry. The key to not spending hundreds on your well-stocked pantry is to stock up when you find a great sale.

If there is an excellent deal on spaghetti sauce, pick up a few extra jars. This will not only ensure that you have plenty on hand, but that you aren’t overpaying for them either.

image of finished stock your pantry.

Get organized

Your pantry is useless if you don’t know what you have on hand. A disorganized pantry can make it difficult to use up everything before it goes bad, and cause you to buy the same items you already have time and time again.

This is why it’s so important to get organized! Start by organizing your items by type, and then dedicate one zone of your pantry to this type.

Organize your products by expiration date and type to help make sure you can easily see what you have and when it goes bad.

stocking a pantry.

Buy what you eat and eat what you buy

This tip might sound ridiculous, but we are all guilty of buying something and stocking up, only to realize no one will eat it! The first thing you need to do is make sure you are stocking up only if you know your family will eat it.

If you don’t know if your family likes a certain type of mac and cheese, only buy one box to start. Second, make sure you eat what you are buying!

A pantry is useless if you don’t eat the items within it. To make sure you’re eating them, be sure to start by shopping your pantry first. This means heading to the pantry each week with your grocery list and checking off anything you already have on hand.

Use coupons and claim freebies

Coupons can be a great tool to save money, but they can also help you stock your pantry for almost nothing. Combine coupons with a great sale, and you could walk out of the store paying nothing or just a few cents for the items your family needs.

Whenever you have a great coupon and great deal to match up, try to get as many as you can to keep your pantry well stocked on the cheap.

pantry list.

Stock up on seasonal clearance

Orange cake mixes are always on clearance during Halloween, and anything red or green is on clearance after Christmas. Why? It’s because these items are considered seasonal even if they last long after the holiday season has ended.

Stock up on seasonal clearance items that your family will use and enjoy those delicious baked treats and more throughout the year.