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How to Update an  Old Shed on a Budget

Whether you're looking for an art studio or workshop, you can update an old shed to meet your needs.  Use these ideas to do home improvement on a budget.

Repair any issues

You need to repair any problems.  It might be loose floorboards, a leaky roof, a broken window, etc.


Paint will help protect the building from the elements. If you want to paint the inside, it will make the shed feel more like a room than an outbuilding.

Run electricity

If you add electricity to your shed, you can get a lot more use from it.  It might be a place to store a freezer, a place to work on projects with power tools, or even a place for your kids to hang out with a game table.

Add storage  and countertops

Once you decide on a purpose for your shed, you'll know exactly what you need, but basic cabinets and countertops will allow you to work on a variety of projects.

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