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9 Easy Dump Cake Recipes

If you have never made a dump cake, today is your lucky day.  We've rounded up all the best dump cake recipes for you to try.

Dump cakes are fun, simple, and great for sharing.  These delicious treats are so easy to make you won't even need a special occasion to celebrate.

Patriotic Dump Cake

This indulgent dessert is so easy with 5 ingredients! Serve at a BBQ, party or potluck.

Light and Delicious Tropical Dump Cake

This tropical dump cake tastes similar to a pineapple upside down cake without all the work.

Oreo Dump Cake

Made with just 5 ingredients this Oreo dump cake is perfect.

Strawberry Mandarin Orange Dump Cake

Strawberry mandarin orange dump cake is a simple and delicious recipe. It’s bright, fruity and full of flavor.

Magic Rhubarb Dump Cake

This magic rhubarb cake is layered in a baking pan and baked up to perfection. We cal it magic because it makes rhubarb disappear!

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