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12+ Easy Dump Cake Recipes

If you have never made a dump cake, today is your lucky day. We’ve rounded up all the best dump cake recipes for you to try.

Dump cakes are fun, simple, and great for sharing. These delicious treats are so easy to make you won’t even need a special occasion to celebrate.

Once you see how easy it is to prepare a dump cake you’ll wonder why you took the time to make baked goods any other way.

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For those of you wondering what the heck a dump cake is, don’t worry, I’m going to fill you in on all the details so you can master the art of these easy desserts today.

There’s nothing like a dump cake recipe to help you get a sweet treat on the table for everyone you love. This is also a great place to find easy dessert recipes for when you need to whip something up in a hurry to share for a party or gathering.

If you have never made a dump cake, today is your lucky day. We've rounded up all the best dump cake recipes for you to try.

What is Dump Cake?

Dump cake is the name we give to recipes like the ones below. It’s a method for making cakes that uses a boxed mix and doesn’t prepare it quite a expected.

For most dump cake recipes you will use a pie filling or fruit mixture, add your cake mix, and then top with butter in slices or melted in order to give the mixture moisture on top and bottom.

Dump cake comes from the dumping action, because you don’t do much mixing for these types of recipes, you just dump and go!

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How do you know when dump cake is done?

Dump cake recipes will require a variety of cooking times you can find the details in each recipe. Usually you will find that a dump cake is done when the top is golden brown and the majority of the cake mix is no longer dry looking.

The moisture of the fruit mixes or the butter topping will help absorb into the baking mix and it turns it into a more cake like substance like you would expect from a finished baked good!

Dump Cake Easy Instructions | How Do You Make A Dump Cake?

Making dump cake is usually a pretty simple process. As I explained above you will be placing liquid ingredients on the bottom and then adding the dry ingredients and then on top of that you add butter or oil.

Then everything goes into the oven and the baking magic happens before the dump cake recipes are ready to enjoy!

Dump Cakes with Cake Mix:

That’s right! Dump cakes are usually made with cake mixes…like just a boxed cake mix from the store. Keep in mind that the recipes will call for their own ingredients. Usually dump cakes don’t prepare cakes or brownies or even cookie mixes based on the boxed instructions.

Pin showing the dump cake recipes and title.

We change things up a little bit in order to make the dump cakes work. There’s nothing easier when it comes to dump cakes.

Need more recipes?

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All The Best Dump Cake Recipes:

Easy Dump Cake Recipes

Dump cakes are one of the easiest desserts you'll ever make! Look at these fabulous dump cake recipes with all kinds of flavors.