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Moneywise Gift Guides

Using your money wisely can still mean giving gifts! The important thing is to do so mindfully.

The focus here at MoneywiseMoms is to spend less in some areas so you prioritize your budget for what’s important to you. That may mean paying off debt, saving for the kids’ college, family travel, or any other significant expense.

Giving Gifts on a Budget

During our years of heavy debt payoff, we still kept up our family traditions celebrating birthday and the Christmas holiday, even on a tight budget! It is a great lesson to learn that time and creativity make up for money in most cases.

Why keep giving gifts?

If you enjoy giving gifts, there is no reason to skip it just because you’re trying to spend less money. And if your family members enjoy receiving gifts, the effort is worth it.

If you are familiar with the five Love Languages, “Receiving Gifts,” consider this:

Just because receiving a gift makes your partner feel loved doesn’t mean they are superficial or materialistic. Rather, it means that this individual is moved by the time, thought or effort put into choosing the gift.

–Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages

Are these frugal gift guides?

Personally, I do all of my shopping with saving money in mind. So when I write gift guides, I typically share the same gifts I have purchased or my kids have received so you get our opinions on them.

Recently, I’ve started including price points in each guide (like “under $15”) because I think that helps you know that these guides are more frugal than the ones you typically see in magazines and online.

If you are looking for something but don’t see it here, please feel free to reach out via email or on the MoneywiseMoms Facebook page.

MoneywiseMoms Gift Guides

These are the gift guides I have published so far. I go in regularly to double-check the links and make sure you can find what you’re shopping for. I’ll add new ones as they publish!

Gift Ideas for Adults

Gift Ideas for Kids

Since my kids are all teenagers now, I love sharing suggestions for the toys and other gifts that lasted and lasted. That makes the money you spend totally worth it. Quality means big value!

Book Gifts for Kids

Books are always a fabulous gift for kids, especially when you don’t know what toys and games they already have, what size they are, etc. Choose some of your favorites from when you were a kid, or ask a bookstore employee to show you newly published books in the children’s section.

My family’s recommendations:

Gifts for All Ages

Sometime it is tricky to find the right gift when someone has a hobby or interest that you’re not familiar with. That’s where specific gift guides can help!

Holiday Gift Guides

Are these little gifties just for stockings? Of course not! Take a peek at each guide to find more fun gifts for kids, tweens and teens.

DIY Gifts

Making your own gifts can be a lot of fun. Just be careful not to spend WAY more than you would purchasing (ask me how I know…).

DIY Pokemon Gifts

I also have a great Pinterest Board where I collect more!