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Robot Kits for Teenagers

Looking for a gift for a teen robot enthusiast? You have come to the right place! Robots are excellent building kits for children of all ages. It is just a matter of finding the most appropriate ones for their age and preferences. I love giving robot kits for teenagers as gifts because they are fun to assemble and play with, and at the same time give teens the intro they need to the tech skills they may need as adults. 

Robot building kits offer a vast range of benefits for young people. Many of these benefits cover the usual subjects like math, computer programming, and engineering. But don’t think that robot kids are just for young aspiring engineers and programmers. The benefits of construction play are for everyone, even just for the plain curious.

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robot kits for teenagers - hands working with computer parts robot building kits

Are robot building kits educational?

Incorporating more fun and excitement into learning is a good teaching strategy for teenagers, especially those who get bored easily. One of the most highly educational activities they can engage in? Assembling robot kits! 

Any kind of building kits challenge kids to solve problems and think through processes.

What can teens learn from robot building?

Working on robot kits opens a new world of possibilities for teenagers. They are the ultimate toys of the future – innovative little machines that are essential to modern education. It helps children: 

  • Enhance their creative skills
  • Lessen screen time 
  • Explore programming and computational thinking without keyboards and screens
  • Learn simple engineering concepts
  • Improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Follow extensive instructions

Exposing basic robotics to teens is a great way to nurture a love for technology. This love and fondness for technology can grow with them as they get older, helping them have fulfilling careers grounded on creativity and science. 

Not only that! Once assembled, they would have a cool toy that they can display on their bedside tables. This finished product gives teens a sense of accomplishment and confidence!

Here are some of the best robot kits for teens! 

Mech 5 Mechanical Coding Robot

Designed to serve as an inspiration to young aspiring engineers, the Mech-5 is a one-of-a-kind toy that teaches the fundamentals of coding and robotics. Once it is fully assembled, teens can code its movements by snapping the coding buttons onto the coding wheel. 

The robot can move backward, forward, and turn 360 degrees. Surprisingly, it can also draw, lift and kick. It's a highly innovative toy that can keep growing children intrigued and preoccupied for hours. 

ELEGOO Penguin Bot Biped Robot Kit 

A small, simple robot that does big things? The Penguin Bot is a robot of many talents. It can play music, dance, and avoid obstacles. It includes a TF card, allowing children to upload their favorite songs and have a fun jam session with their robot friend beside them! 

Moreover, it has a uniquely designed controller board and can be customized by re-programming. This is one of the most stylish robots around! It's so well-designed and even comes with six headcovers which make the toy even more adorable. 

Unicornbot Kit

Unicorns exist, all thanks to kids' magical building skills. This Unicornbot kit includes everything they need to breathe life into a legendary creature. It is composed of 440 parts, two smooth motion robotic servo motors, a color sensor, the main control box, and other accessories. 

There's also a free app, allowing kids to build and code the enchanted unicorn. They can program and customize the LED horn with their favorite color and further personalize their creation.

Champbot Kit/App-Enabled Building & Coding STEM Robot Kit

Buildable, codable robots are the new teen toy favorites. This Champbot Kit from UBTECH has 522 snap-together parts, two DC motors, USB cable, and more, helping kids build three different designs. They can take on the challenge of creating each one of the three robots: the Scorebot, Basketbot, or Champbot. 

The instructions are so easy to follow and features 3D 360° animation that can be viewed conveniently in the JIMU app. Let's help our growing children code and build like a pro. Their journey starts with this affordable robot kit! 

Meccano Meccanoid XL 2.0 Robot-Building Kit

With more than 1,000 parts, the Meccanoid is no doubt a challenging project for young builders. Once assembled, the four-foot-tall robot can move its arms, speak and perform lots of other functions.

It can tell stories and jokes, dance, and respond to voice commands. Teens can even change the robot’s behavior with the help of an app and a smart device. It's the ultimate robot best friend for bored teens looking to try new things at home. 

Freenove Robot Dog Kit

A dog and a computer in one! The Freenove Robot Dog Kit is a small machine with many functions. It's a sophisticated mini-project perfect for curious teens who love computers. 

It gives children not just the opportunity to build a walking robot dog but also the chance to explore the world of programming. While it doesn't include the Raspberry Pi and battery, it's still a wonderful investment for budding engineers and programmers. 

Geeek Club Smart Nano Bots

Who would have thought that building and playing with a robot can help kids learn the basics of engineering and machine design? The Geeek Club Robot Building Kit is a well-curated, all-inclusive kit that contains everything kids need for soldering, assembling, and testing nanorobot projects. 

It comes with a soldering iron, tweezers, protective glasses, and other tools needed to assemble different designs. Teens can build seven mini robots and explore different movements by providing various light sources. 

Wallbot Robot Building Kit

This robot building kit comes in a nice box – one of the best kits out there for young builders. It includes 468 pieces bricks that just as Lego pieces easy to assembly and instructions are straightforward.

AI Robotic Hand Building Kit

A robotic arm that recognizes specific gestures, colors, and faces? The Yahboom Programmable Robot Arm has awesome grabbing, tracking, and recognition actions that mirror the AI characteristics of a legit, advanced robot arm. 

It is equipped with a gamepad remote control and uses a multi-function app to perform most of its actions. This is an amazing gift for teens who are developing a passion for computer programming.

Unicorn Robot

This unicorn robot pack comes with 114 brightly-colored, soft-textured large blocks that feature rounded edges and unique shapes that encourage building and play. The kit also includes, 1 main control block and 1 controller.

Yahboom Robot Car Kit

The Yahboom smart robot is developed with a Micro:bit board as the core controller. Included in the box is an infrared remote control, so the builder will be able to work on the project and control the robot even if he or she doesn't have a mobile phone. 

The robot car has an impressive interface design, which lessens the possibility of mistakes and makes the learning process smoother and more exciting. While the micro:bit board is not included in the kit, it's still a good investment for teens who want to explore the tech world. 

KEYESTUDIO 4WD Programmable Smart Car Robot Kit

This Keyestudio programmable robot kit allows teens to get hands-on experience in electronics assembling, robotics knowledge, and Arduino programming. Robot kits are not just for small kids, after all. 

The robotic car can perform fascinating functions! It can auto-follow, avoid obstacles, display motion status and go online tracking mode. No need to worry about complicated instructions. It includes all parts needed to build the robot, as well as detailed project tutorials and instructions. 

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