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Harry Potter Gifts under $15

Looking for a gift for a Harry Potter fan? You’ll love these Harry Potter gifts under 15 dollars!

Even though it’s been decades since the first book and movie was released, the magic of Harry Potter lives on and on. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan or not, so many people in our families and circles are Harry Potter obsessed.

Let’s give them things they would love the most, while still saying on a budget. Below are cool gifts for Harry Potter fans–all under $15.

We also have a list of gifts for adult Harry Potter fans, if that’s who you’re shopping for. Or, just treat yourself!

And if you want to make gift-giving extra special, hide your gift and then use these Harry Potter Clue Cards to send your kid on a hunt to find it.

Harry Potter gits under 15 dollars - cool gifts for Harry Potter fans of all ages

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Are you looking to surprise a Harry Potter fan without breaking the bank? If so, you’re in luck! You don’t have to be a master of magic or Gringotts riches to find the perfect gift for your favorite Potterhead.

We’ve rounded up some great Harry Potter gifts that are all under 15 dollars, allowing you to show your appreciation and admiration for someone special without stretching your budget too thin. Plus, these high-quality items will make even the most discerning witch or wizard appreciative of your thoughtfulness!

From mug sets and tumblers featuring iconic symbols from the series, to notebooks decorated with Quidditch illustrations—we’ve got what it takes to put smiles on their faces this season. Keep reading and get ready for an enchantment of epic proportions!

Looking for a gift for a Harry Potter fan? You'll love these Harry Potter gifts under 15 dollars!

Why do people love Harry Potter so much?

Choosing a gift for someone can sometimes be difficult, especially if you don’t know anything about the things they love. That is why before shopping, it’s best to read a bit about the Harry Potter franchise and why people love it so much.

  1. An Inspiring Story
    Harry’s life story is, in itself, magical! A bullied, quiet boy who turned out to be an admirable hero in the wizarding world. He’s an inspiration to people braving the ups and downs of life. His story is inspiring, and heartwarming – just like most of us.
  2. A Story of Survival
    Harry and his friends went through lots of challenges, but they never gave up. They fought and survived. The novel and the movies give an overwhelming sense of hope and a bright future. Hope lingers even in life’s darkest moments.
  3. Presents the Importance of Friendship
    It stresses the importance of friendship – a very important lesson for both kids and adults. Friends provide us a support network each time we are going through something. Seriously, Harry would have died in the first book if he didn’t have Ron and Hermione beside him.
  4. Inspires Us to Be Brave
    Courage comes in many forms. There are no dementors and dark lords like Voldemort in real life, but still, it can still be difficult. Harry and his friends constantly remind people to always be confident, brave, positive, and fight for what is right.
  5. Money Is Not Everything
    Harry Potter may have inherited her parents’ reputation and wealth, but these couldn’t bring back his lost family. At some point, he even envied the Weasleys. Ron and his siblings grew up wearing second-hand stuff in a household where money is always tight, but their home was full of love.
Train to Hogwarts - cool gifts for Harry Potter fans

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Harry Potter Gifts under $15

This list of cool gifts for Harry Potter fans make good birthday or holiday gifts since they're not too expensive.

Looking for a gift for a Harry Potter fan? You'll love these Harry Potter gifts under 15 dollars!