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15 Delicious Dairy Free Desserts

These delicious dairy free desserts are simple to make and of course we’re also talking easy swaps to make desserts without dairy.

It doesn’t matter if you need to avoid dairy or if you are just trying to find some desserts that are good choices for vegan / dairy free diets.

For those of you who need some non dairy desserts you will definitely find everything you are looking for here, from naturally dairy free options to dairy replacements, there’s something for everyone.

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We’re going to dive in and check out some delicious recipes for desserts with no dairy, but first we’re also going to talk about some swaps you can make to make your own favorite recipes suitable for a vegan or diary-free diet.

Non dairy desserts that are naturally dairy free

These non dairy dessert options are naturally dairy free which is a great option if you don’t like doing swaps or trying to balance out recipes that might not be originally designed to suit your needs.

For things like fruit, nuts, Jello, and even Oreo’s…there are lots of great choices that are non-dairy. These are naturally non-dairy options.

On the other hand you have some options to make swaps that can help you create desserts that work for you. Think of things like almond milk, non-dairy ice cream, and all the marketed non-dairy items on the market today. Oat milk, soy milk, etc. There’s tons of options that you can swap out in place of dairy products in recipes.

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Can I swap out butter for a non-dairy alternative?

You can easily swap out butter for things like Crisco, non-dairy sticks, vegetable shortening sticks, etc. There are tons of options on the market now which means that a lot of your favorite cookie recipes can be altered to suit your needs.

There are lots of dairy free baking chips on the market now too which means that whenever you want cookies you can use your favorite recipe and just make the necessary swaps.

sorbet and ice cream in metal bowls

Looking for some other recipe collections?

Before we get to the main event I’ll share some other recipe collections for you to check out. These delicious recipes are perfect for sharing and enjoying with friends, family members, or the crowd at your next party!

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Dairy Free Desserts Recipes:

Dairy Free Desserts

These delicious dairy free desserts are simple to make and of course we're also talking easy swaps to make desserts without dairy!