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Get Gardening  Supplies for Free  (or Cheap)

Happy Spring!  It's time to get back in the garden and get things into shape.

Use what you have

Before you rush out to spend money, check your basement and shed for items you can reuse or re-purpose. You may have plastic containers, buckets, or recyclables that can be used for gardening.

Find free mulch  or compost

Many counties offer free compost at the local landfill or mulch where they are trimming trees. You will need to bring your own containers and/or truck to haul it home yourself.

Share or trade with friends/neighbors

Instead of renting or purchasing an expensive machine on your own, go in with a neighbor or friend and split the cost.

Find seed and plant exchanges

There are plenty of exchange groups online, but it's smart to find one local to you to be sure the plants are appropriate for your climate.

Give DIY a try

Before buying, think about how you make your own for a lot less. You can find instructions for everything on the internet, and sometimes it's worth your time and effort vs. the money.

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