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How to Cook Ground Beef in a Crock Pot

See how easy it is to cook ground beef in a crock pot.  Using your slow cooker to prepare ground beef is a smart way to meal prep and make family dinners easier.

How long should you cook ground beef in a crock pot?

Generally, ground beef will need to be cooked for 2-6 hours in the crock pot.

How should you prepare ground beef for the crock pot?

You can simply break the raw meat up and put it straight in the crock pot, along with water and any seasonings you want to add.

What are the benefits of using a crock pot to cook ground beef?

Crock pots will make the meat very tender and flavorful compared to if you were to cook it on a stovetop or oven.

How do you know if your ground beef is cooked all the way?

It will be browned all over and not have any pink spots.

Can you overcook ground beef with a crock pot?

You can definitely overcook ground beef with a crock pot. If it's left in too long, it will not be as juicy or tender.

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