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7 Ways to Prep Your Home this Fall

This time of year, it's not just about the leaves changing colors and enjoying a nice cool breeze.

There are some easy fall cleanup tips you can try to spruce up your home inside before winter comes!  Learn these 7 tasks to prep your home this fall.

Take small rugs outside to shake out before machine-washing if possible.  Do a thorough vacuuming and wash all your flooring so you can host family and friends this season with your home looking its best.

Indoor tasks to prep your home this fall Wash all rugs and floors

It can be hard to say goodbye to summer when winter comes around, but make sure you store any clothes and gear from warm weather in preparation.

Pack away warm-weather clothes and gear

If you don't go through the spices often, or if there are expired ones among them – throw away all of those dated ingredients.

Clean out/replace old spices

Clear clutter by taking the time to go through and either save, file or recycle each and every piece.  I keep an accordion file for each kid where I save anything sentimental or super important. Everything else goes!

Organize school paperwork

Removing leaves from an overgrown lawn, sidewalks or driveway will protect not only your home's exterior but also its foundation against damage caused by all those extra pounds of fallen leaves.

Outdoor tasks to prep your home this fall Tidy your yard

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