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20 Halloween Costumes for Teens

The time is right to start looking through the wide variety of Halloween costumes for teens. The nearer it gets to the holiday, the more likely it is that a costume will be sold out or no longer available.

Teens tend to like scarier costumes and Halloween decorations than little ones. A terrifying or weird Halloween costume can distinguish a teen from the rest of the party crowd.

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Halloween is a time for creativity, and teen Halloween costumes are often the most imaginative of all. Whether you’re looking for something spooky, funny, or just plain weird, there are plenty of great costume ideas out there for teenaged boys and girls.

Popular choices include zombies, vampires, witches, and ghosts, but anything goes on Halloween. So if you’re looking for something truly unique, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Whatever you choose, make sure your costume is safe and comfortable so you can enjoy a night of trick-or-treating or partying to the fullest.

Gothic Halloween Costumes for Teenagers

The term gothic is traditionally associated with dark, grim, moody, misery, death and other cheerful facets of life. Could there be a better way to select scary Halloween costumes for teens than this? Choose the most terrifying costume for a Halloween party from one of the following:

Grim reaper

Gothic vampire or vampiress

Gothic mummy

Gothic witch

Scary Dead Rock Star Costumes for Teens

Dressing up as a dead rock star is one of the most popular Halloween costumes for teenagers. All bets are off regarding the where-abouts of Elvis Presley come October 31 as the number of sightings are likely to increase beyond belief. Try one of these scary Halloween costumes in order to be a hit at any party:

Elvis Presley

Freddy Mercury

Zombie rock star

Teen girls wearing black and holding jack o lantern balloons - halloween costumes for teens

Super Hero Halloween Costumes for Teenagers

Although the wearer will be able to climb walls, breathe fire and fly through the night skies, it is possible to turn a healthy shade of green for the evening. If skin is normally a subtle shade of green, consider an alternative costume in order to avoid embarrassment. Choose one of the following Halloween costumes for teens to ensure that everyone knows who the real super hero is:

Spider Man or Spider Gwen

Superman/Clark Kent

Wonder Woman

Incredible Hulk or She-Hulk

Captain America

Teen Skeleton and Zombie Halloween Costumes

Frightening zombie Halloween costumes are currently all-the-rage. In order to fit in with other skeletons and zombies, it is important to smell atrocious, walk slowly and be in constant search of human hearts, livers, kidneys and intestines. Wear one of the following scary Halloween costumes to ensure the very best seat on any form of public transport:

Mysterious mummy

Undead stalker

Zombie doctor

Zombie cheerleader

Zombie groom

The time is right to start looking through the wide variety of Halloween costumes for teenagers. The nearer it gets to the holiday, the more likely it is that a costume will be sold out or no longer available.

Any of these scary Halloween costumes for teenagers will get the wearer noticed at a party. Although there are literally thousands of terrifying Halloween costumes for teens to choose from, remember to check with friends to ensure that they don’t have the same outfit. Nobody wants to find their twin rotting corpse brother or sister at a party, do they?

Remember that scary Halloween costumes are extremely popular so start looking early in order to avoid disappointment.