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Slow Cooker 15 Bean Soup

This slow cooker 15 bean soup is an easy way to enjoy a healthy and hearty meal.  It's packed with protein and fiber, and it's so easy to make.


-  15 bean soup mix -  Onion -  Diced tomatoes -  Celery -  Garlic -  Salt

In a colander, rinse beans thoroughly. Sort and inspect for any unwanted debris and discard. Drain and add beans to crock.

Step 1

Chop celery and dice onion. Add both to crock along with drained tomatoes.

Step 2

Mince garlic, and add that along with the salt and pepper to the crockpot.

Step 3

Pour in the vegetable broth and water, at least 2 cups. Add more water if you prefer a thinner broth for your soup.

Step 4

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