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10 Ways  to Cook Eggs

What is your family's favorite ways to cook eggs? Do they agree, or do you feel like a short-order cook sometimes?

Eggs are everyone's go-to breakfast ingredient, as they can easily be paired with other delicious favorites like cheese, bacon, ham, fruit, and vegetables.

Sunny Side Up

Sunny side up eggs are called sunny for a reason. They have a cool sun-like appearance and are so easy to make.

Over Easy Eggs

An over-easy egg is just like a sunny side up, only it's flipped over to cook the other side. It's cooked until the edges are a bit brown (but the yolk remains runny).

Poached Eggs

When it comes to poaching eggs, the age of the egg, the water temperature, and cooking time matter a lot. 

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are so easy to make they can be cooked either on the stove or in the microwave. And you can make numerous versions, depending on your taste.

Basted Eggs

A culinary technique usually applied to moisten meat, basting involves pouring natural juices to maintain moisture.

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