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Salami Cream Cheese Pickle Pinwheels

Make these salami cream cheese pickle pinwheels for your next party or get-together!

Tortilla rollups are always a favorite, and they're so easy to make ahead of time. They make the perfect easy pinwheel appetizers.

The easiest pinwheel appetizer recipe ever! Use your favorite deli meat, cream cheese and pickle for these Salami Pinwheels.

> medium flour tortillas > cream cheese, softened >sweet pickle relish  (or chopped dill pickles if you prefer) > slices salami or ham


Step 1

Combine softened cream cheese with pickle relish, and mix well.

Step 2

Spread each tortilla with 1/6 of the cream cheese mixture. 

Top each tortilla with 4 slices of salami (or other deli meat).

Step 3

Step 4

Roll each tortilla tightly, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step 5

Slice each rollup into 1-inch sections and lay flat for serving.

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