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9 Ways for College Students to Earn Money this Summer

Do you have a college student who needs to earn money this summer? Summer break is prime time for college kids!

Job Ideas for Teens and College Kids this Summer

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Why should college kids have a summer job?

Start them thinking now about how they’ll earn money this summer to spend next school year or on their own summer plans.

Bonus for you? It gets them up and out of the house, and it helps them learn responsibility.

What kinds of jobs can college kids do over their summer break?

If your college kid needs to earn money this summer, go through this list of jobs with them and see what clicks.

Summertime is their chance to make memories outside of the classroom, so have them make the most of it!

9 Summer Jobs for Teens and College Students

Sell Online

Encourage your college kids to declutter their rooms (and your basement) by selling things online to make extra cash.

You may not think you have much, but you would be surprised at what people will want to buy!

Then take a look at sites like Ebay and Amazon where you can sell clothing, books, and more.

You’ll be amazed at all the little things you haven’t thrown out that other people will pay for.

Alternately, there are sites like Fiverr where people are selling services like proofreading, graphic design, creating videos, and more.  

What easy tasks can you do for $5 a pop?

Summer Job Ideas for College Kids - Uber or Lyft driver

Be a Driver

Lyft and Uber are supremely popular and it’s not hard to sign up.

Drivers can make their own schedule, and if you happen to live in some high-traffic areas, drivers can earn a pretty penny by shuttling people around.

As always with jobs like these, be safe while working and always err on the side of caution.
You want the summer to be memorable, but not too memorable!


Parents need sitters more than ever while school is out, and they tend to prefer older teens like college students and those who can drive.

This job can be very lucrative, so be sure to be prompt, courteous, and have fun!

Word-of-mouth is the best advertising when looking for additional families.

Summer Job Ideas for College Kids - dog walking

Dog Sitting & Walking

Just like the tiny tots who are not in school, parents of dogs need sitters, too. 

Since dogs are such social creatures, you may be able to take on a few clients at the same time and host play dates for the furry creatures!

You should probably be able to get along with dogs, just saying!

House Sit

While college students are trying to make cash this summer, others are out on vacations. Don’t feel bad!

Offer to house sit for those lucky people and earn your own money to put towards your own summer trips.

To earn even more, offer to do housecleaning or pick up groceries before the family returns home from their trip.

Summer Job Ideas for College Kids - Handyman Handywoman Painting


A lot of people take the summertime to fix up and beautify their homes.

If your student has the skills, he or she can offer up services to help paint a fence or other handy tasks.

This looks great on future resumes, too, to show diversity of skills.

Lifeguard & Teach Swimming

Check with your neighborhood pool or rec center and spend the summer at the pool!

Lifeguards require training, so plan ahead for this, but most lifeguards enjoy a flexible schedule.

If your teen is an expert swimmer, they should consider offering swim lessons to kids and adults to earn even more.

Be sure to check for local rules and regulations for either job.

Summer Job Ideas for College Kids - Yard Work


Does your student have a knack for landscaping or is willing to do some manual labor?

He or she can offer yard work services in your neighborhood like lawn mowing, leaves cleanup, weeding, and more.

Determine an hourly rate or plan to survey the project ahead of time and provide an estimate for the whole job.

Tutoring & Teaching

If your student is an accomplished musician, he or she can offer lessons to help younger kids stay in tune over the summer.

Or, go the more traditional route, and offer math and other tutoring services.

Have any other tips on ways a college student can earn money this summer? Share them with us by commenting below!