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7 Helpful Tips For Holiday Travel Savings

The holiday season has so many expenses! Why not spend less with these tips for holiday travel savings. The holiday season is one of the most expensive times to travel. Flight prices are high, and traffic is always busy.

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If you are looking to save on your holiday travel this year, you are in luck! Here are seven helpful tips for travel savings during the holidays.

Travel during off-peak days

When you travel down to the day can determine how much you will pay. When looking at flights, you can save hundreds by being a little bit flexible with your dates. If you are driving, traveling during off-peak days will help you avoid the rush of holiday traffic.

Ship your presents instead of taking them with you

If you are flying, then you should consider shipping your presents instead of taking them with you. This will not only free up some bag space, but you will end up saving quite a bit of hassle and cash. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing your Christmas presents in the baggage claim.

Don’t be afraid to take the long way home

Back roads and trains might not sound like the quickest way to travel. In fact, it’s not. However, this can often help you avoid holiday traffic and help you save money on your trip back home.

Rearview mirror on a car

Pack snacks and even your meals

If you are driving, pack snacks with you for the road. If you are stuck in traffic and hungry, the trip will turn south quickly. You may even end up making a few poor decisions with your money because of this. If you can bring a cooler pack a few meals as well. This will help you avoid stopping unnecessarily and help you save money on food!

Keep your travel budget in cash

If you are using cash, you will spend less. Airport food and other travel expenses add up quickly. If you have a cash budget, you may not be less tempted. However, you will probably end up spending a lot less.

Highway driving - family road trip

Compare toll roads and non-toll roads

There are pros and cons to skipping toll roads. While you will save money on the cost of the tolls, you may end up going hours out of your way to avoid them. If you have to go multiple hours out of the way, you may end up spending more money on food and gas to get to the same place. Crunch the numbers and see what makes the most sense.

Be prepared for anything and everything

Things will go wrong on your trip. Your flight will be overbooked, you may leave an hour later than you planned, and things will go unexpectedly wrong.

What you can do is prepare for all kinds of scenarios you may encounter. Book a flight with a more extended layover to make sure you don’t miss your connecting flight. Pack food on your trip in case you get stuck in traffic. Be prepared now so you can handle a crisis like a champ in the middle of it!

You don’t have to shell out a ton of money to travel for the holidays! These tips will help you save money on your trip, and help you get where you’re going this holiday season.

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