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The 15 Best Halloween Baby Costumes

It's almost Halloween! If you’re planning on celebrating with your baby, go trick or treating or attend a Halloween party, it's time to look for the best Halloween baby costumes to wear. 

With so many charming designs available, shopping can be really overwhelming and expensive. Let me help you! Below are some of the cutest baby and toddler Halloween costumes you’ll ever find. And the best thing about them? All of them are below $30!

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Green dinosaur costume - the best baby halloween costumes

How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume for Your Baby

Don't fall for expensive, uncomfortable costumes just because they have attention-grabbing designs. Choosing the best baby Halloween costumes is just like picking everyday clothes. Every piece of clothing should be appropriately sized and must be comfy and cost-effective. Aside from the design itself, keep these factors in mind as you weigh your options. 

Comfort Level

Baby Halloween costumes don't have to be too elaborate and heavy. For your little one to feel 100% comfortable while trick or treating, you need to buy a costume that won't irritate his or her sensitive skin. Make sure that the costume is made with a soft, gentle fabric. 


Baby clothes of appropriate sizes are so comfy, they allow infants to move around easily. This is why size guides are important. If you're still confused with sizes even after meticulously measuring your baby, it's best to always go for a bigger one. 


Babies grow up fast, so it's best not to invest in fancy clothes in their early years. Set a budget and take advantage of every piece of clothing you get for them, whether it's a costume or sleepwear. This Halloween, you may want to choose a costume with a simpler design, something that can also be used on an everyday basis.

The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes

Ready to look for the best Halloween baby costume for your kid’s first (or second?) spooky holiday?! Here are some of the most adorable outfits you can buy for less than $30. You may even want to pick one up as a frugal baby shower gift!

1. Lil’ Baby Unicorn Costume

Halloween is not all spooky and uncanny. Sometimes, parents take the “magical” route when choosing costumes for their babies. Is there anything more magical than unicorns?! Spooktacular Creations' unicorn costume comes with a hood, booties, and a magic wand for 100% mythical creature vibes! 

2. Unisex Baby Panda Costume 

Babies and pandas clearly have something in common. They’re both adorable! Pandas are just way oversized. Thanks to this costume, we can finally see panda and baby cuteness in one little body.

It's made of premium flannel material, super breathable and absorbent, and can keep babies warm while spending time outside with the family. Not spooky at all, but will surely gain lots of compliments on Halloween night!

3. Dumbo Infant Costume

Attention, parents who love Disney classics. A Dumbo costume exists and is renewing our love for elephants. It features a headpiece, padded tummy, and detachable tail and matches perfectly with gray socks and pants! The remarkable large ears alone would make your baby stand out. 

4. Baby Dalmatian Puppy Costume

Animal costumes are a huge hit for babies every Halloween. And the range of costumes is unbelievable. One of the best ones out there is this Dalmatian puppy outfit set that comes with a dog bone, bowl, booties, and a hood. The design makes diaper changes so convenient! 

5. Baby Triceratops Dinosaur Costume Set

Our babies are too young to express their love for dinosaurs, but is there any kid out there who doesn't love these prehistoric creatures?! Some would love to transform into a dinosaur on Halloween night.

Let your kid turn into a friendly dino (not a spooky one!) this time. This bright green Triceratops costume is made from breathable, lightweight material. Your little one could freely move during the entire family Halloween party.

6. Doctor Costume Bodysuit

Our babies are yet to grow and develop their own dreams, so for now, we choose what looks amazing and feels comfy for them. If you're looking for a really unique costume this Halloween, this might work for you and your baby.

A doctor costume bodysuit + hat! This will look awesome on both baby boys and girls. And look, no toy stethoscope or other pointy accessories – everything's printed on the bodysuit as silly patterns. 

7. Lil' Baby Lobster Costume

Birthday parties with under the sea themes are not the only events your baby can wear underwater creature costumes. For Halloween, though, we may want to choose something more unusually cute like this lobster costume set. Looks so heavy, but it's lightweight and comes with a hood and booties. 

8. Sandwich Blanket Costume

Stand aside animal costumes! Unisex baby sandwich costumes are rapidly winning parents' hearts, whether or not it's Halloween. Designed for babies up to 18 months, this costume set includes a sandwich wrap blanket, felt veggies, and a funny hat.

It's one of the best purchases ever for your newborn! The blanket and all the other things that come with it can be reused even after the spooky season.

9. Baby Ladybug Costume

When it comes to animal Halloween costumes, mammals like dogs and pandas are presumably the top favorites. But insect outfits are just as precious. This ladybug costume can turn your baby into a lovable bug, complete with antennas and a hood to maximize cuteness level. 

10. Baby Astronaut Suit

Babies around 6 to 12 months old can now transform into astronauts, ready to take on the Halloween season (not yet ready for space!). This cozy NASA suit is made from comfy fleece and even has a hood! It also has an assymmetirical zipper for easier diaper changing. Just like all other costumes on this list, it can be worn multiple times, even during weekend family get-togethers. 

11. Firefighter Halloween Outfit

Firefighters are admirable. If our babies can choose their own Halloween costume at this stage, they would surely want to be these modern-day heroes. This firefighter costume would look good on both baby girls and boys. It's made of 100% cotton, with axe and fire hydrant patterns on the front. It's also an excellent gift idea for those parents who want one-of-a-kind everyday clothes for their babies. 

12. Baby Princess Romper Dress

This Halloween, your baby girl deserves to be the star of her own fairytale. YuDanae's fancy Snow-White-inspired dress is a marvelous choice for baby princesses. Blue and yellow is a brilliant combo that will earn your baby tons of candies (she can't eat it yet so it all goes to you and the other kids!). Why not pair this outfit with a small basket with a similar shade?!

13. Mouse Costume Cosplay Bowtie Romper

A Mickey Mouse costume is the key to your little one's transformation as a fine Disney gentleman. The costume is so simple and attractive, similar to everyday outfits. All parts are adjustable to fit your baby. It will certainly make your preparation a lot easier, especially on the late afternoon of October 31st (Halloween party prep time!).

14. Baby Clown Costume

Clowns are unbelievably scary. Thus, if you are looking for a clown costume for your baby boy, you wouldn't want it to be super spooky. BabyMars' clown suit set is bursting with bright colors, making your kid stand out in a field of blacks, whites, and oranges. Each package includes a romper, pants, and hat, and the quality of the fabric is really great for this price point. 

15. Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin is the most popular Halloween symbol ever. Most parents probably choose it as the theme for their babies' first ever trick-or-treating costumes. This pumpkin costume is so soft and comfy, some parents even let their babies wear it on ordinary days after Halloween. Transforming your little one into a dainty pumpkin for the spooky season has never been this affordable. 

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