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100 Movies for Family Movie Night

Time for another family movie night, but would should we watch? I asked my kids to help me make this big list of 100 movies for family movie night based on their favorites. We had a great time reminiscing!

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Having a family movie night is one of our favorite ways to have frugal family fun. Setting up a tradition like this when your kids are young helps it continue through their older years.

If your kids are young, family movie time doesn’t have to happen at night! Plan for an afternoon movie, or even after lunch (though I would fall asleep then…).

How do you have a family movie night?

Getting everyone in one spot and spending time together is a great tradition to start early. Family movie night can be whatever level works for you and your family:

  • Keep it simple. Everyone just cuddles up and watches a favorite DVD or rental.
  • Add food and make it a tradition. Some families do “Pizza and a movie” every Friday night, for example.
  • Go all out! Choose a themed meal, snacks or desserts. Add some light decorations, or even dress as a favorite character.

When should you start family movie nights?

We started having “family movie nights” way back when the twins turned 4. Before that, they would just fall asleep during a movie!

Practicing sitting through a movie is a lot easier at home. We didn’t want to take them to a real movie theater when they couldn’t last through even a short kid film. Plus–they were both afraid of the loud noises and the dark.

Why should we have family movie nights?

There are lots of benefits to family movie nights!

  • We have had so many great discussions with our kids after watching a movie together. We talk about the characters and their relationships, choices they make, and how it would play out in our world.
  • Family movie nights are an easy way for families to bond and make memories. You’re modeling that everyone stops working and comes together to rest and relax.
  • Kids (and their parents) can learn a lot by watching movies together. It’s an opportunity to visit other countries, go into outer space, or see animals up close in their own environment.
  • As a family of five, going to the movie theater is really expensive. Save money and reduce your family’s entertainment expenses is to watch movies at home.
family watching TV together - family movie night ideas

100 Movies for Family Movie Night

My teens helped me make this fun list of the 100 family movies we’ve watched the most in the past 13 years:

Favorite Musical Movies

Favorites from the 80s

Family-friendly Documentaries

Disney/Pixar Animated Movies

Non-Disney Animation

100 Family Movies for Family Movie Night - non Disney animated

General favorites

Kids watching a movie - family movie night ideas

For Older Tweens/Teens

How do you choose a movie?

Every family has different values and a different threshold for what their kids can watch. I know that we’ve shown our kids movies that other families have not, and vice versa.

I use the site Common Sense Media all the time when choosing movies for my family to watch. I appreciate how they summarize the plot and then list out what to look for regarding swearing, drinking, sexual situations, violence, etc. They also note positives like what role models and messages like teamwork, friendship, empowering women, and more.

How to save money on family movies

Making a family tradition doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of ways to save on the movies for your family movie nights:

  • Check your local library. Many rent DVDs and BluRays!
  • You can get free night rentals from Redbox by using coupon codes.
  • Borrow or trade with your neighbors and friends.
Family watching a movie for family movie night

Watch movies on Amazon Prime

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows at home, on your devices, etc. And if a movie isn’t free (they call that “Included with Prime”), you can often rent it for just a few dollars.

Of course, with Amazon Prime, you also get free 2-day shipping, streaming music, and lot sof other benefits. Sign up for a 30-day Trial for FREE.

Family movie night snacks

One of my kids’ favorite memories of when they were little was when we’d do a “picnic” in the living room. It was a big deal to them to eat in there, since it wasn’t allowed regularly. I’d spread a blanket on the floor, and they would eat there while we watched a movie together. They loved it!

Popcorn is a traditional movie snack, so give some of these Savory Popcorn Recipes a try.

Savory Popcorn Recipes that make great afterschool snacks
Savory Popcorn Recipes

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