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The Best Work From Home Memes

Working from home with kids in the house? You need a good laugh from these Work From Home memes. They’re just one way I’m coping with working from home.

two children and dog on bed

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So now it’s fall, and many of us are still working from home. In fact, my husband’s office told him that it’s “indefinite.” That’s a long time.

I’ve worked from home for a decade now, and I used to be good at it. Not anymore! Having to work around 4 big people (my teens and husband) plus a dog with pandemic stress…let’s just say I’m not as productive as I once was.

I do know that laughing is key for me in reducing stress. And I also think that having a sense of humor helps in situations like this. See if any of these Working from Home Memes make you LOL like they did for me!

Work From Home Memes

Kristen Bell with an iguana on her head

After going through this in the spring, you’d think that we’d have a handle on how to do on-screen work meetings this fall. But no, even I (with three big kids and a dog) have to hide in the laundry room to do a Zoom safely.

Tweet from Ramblin Mama about homeschooling while working

This is most of us. And we’re still struggling. These homeschooling routines during a pandemic should help. Plus, longtime homeschool moms have advice on how to guide your child learning at home.

Here’s the perfect shirt for you, as long as your kids can’t read yet!

Dolly Parton trying to sing 9 to 5 while working from home with kids - funny work from home memes

This meme is a lot funnier when you know Dolly’s original song from the classic comedy, 9 to 5, with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Remember that one? I ended up putting that anthem on my favorites playlist because it’s so good.

Monica from friends - breezy Friends meme

It’s easy for me to feel this way, since I have three in high school. I remember being home for almost a month with my three during Snowmageddon, and it was so hard. I really feel for parents having to do this with little ones and kids with special needs.

Tweet from lydiakahill about working from home with her dad

I love this one. Grown kids and their parents having to share workspace. I shouldn’t laugh–it’s about to happen here at my house when virtual school finally starts in our area.

Working moms meme - Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins and then as Ms Hannigan from Annie

This is actually every stay-at-home-mom from first thing in the morning to the end of the day, or at least it was for me. Ha! Seriously, though, there are some amazing moms out there who share strategies to make both work.

Jimmy Fallon tries to work from home with his daughter climbing on him -- the best work from home memes

We feel you, Jimmy. Especially after FIVE long months being at home together.

Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec looking grumpy - working from home meme

And all the “helpful” articles out there suggest that you buy noise-cancelling headphones. Um…is that safe with littles underfoot?

But seriously, if you do, we bought these inexpensive noise-cancelling headphones and they work really well.

HedgerHumor cartoon of a mom trying to work from home without interruptions - funny work from home memes

OMGosh, this!! This is how it was when I first started working from home in 2008 with two toddlers and a preschooler. These tips for working remote with kids will help.

Michael Scott from the Office - work from home meme for working parents

This was most of us in April and May. But what about now? Are you feeling more prepared, either by your school district or on your own?

The Up Side to Working from Home

Let’s face it: working from home when you have kids is really difficult. It’s important to find the opportunities when you can.

For example–since you no longer have a commute, use that extra time to connect with your kids before you start work in the morning. Many of these favorite family games play in 10-30 minutes, so you can definitely squeeze them in.

These family movies are a great way to snuggle up together at the end of the day and enjoy each other’s company. It’s better for you and your kids to find ways to laugh together. Laughter is such a good stress reliever!

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Woman working on Laptop - Funny Working at Home Memes