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Family Interview Cards for Thanksgiving

Do you need a fun idea to make the holidays extra special? These printable family interview cards for Thanksgiving or other holidays are great!

When the whole family gathers together during the holidays it can be an excellent opportunity for multiple generations to interact and learn from one another. If you have young kids it’s an especially great chance for them to learn about how things were different for their grandparents and great grandparents.

Use these printable cards as a way to encourage conversations between all of your guests, family members, and friends as the holiday gatherings approach.

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Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks, so it’s also a wonderful time of year to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be surrounded by loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you are spending the holidays with relatives, chosen family, or just friends, it’s never a bad time to learn more about each other.

These lighthearted conversation starters will help you all dig deeper into fun little facts about each other that you might otherwise miss out on! You can dig even deeper with an Ancestry.com free trial.

As we grow and learn and look back at our lives we realize that the more we can interact with the older generations of our family the more we can learn about our history first hand. Instead of waiting until it’s too late to wonder about little details of the past…just ask now!

Can kids use these family interview cards?

Absolutely! These family interview cards are geared towards kids of all ages to use as conversation starters with their older relatives and family friends.

The cards have lots of questions though so you don’t have to use them just with children and old folks. They are great conversations starters and they’ll be sure to have everyone reminiscing about their favorite memories from their past in no time.

Anyone can use these cards to get to know anyone else. You don’t have to use them with grandparents or even family members. They’re great fun for anyone and everyone to participate!

What kinds of questions are included in this collection of printable interview cards?

There are questions for all kinds of occasions in this collection. There are 33 different questions along with a blank page so you can write out any interview questions you want to add to your customized set of cards.

Some questions that are included are things like:

  • Do you have a bucket list? Could you share anything from your list?
  • Do you have any regrets?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • What is your favorite holiday? Did you have a favorite holiday tradition as a child?
  • Where were you born? Did you live in the same place all of your childhood?
  • Do you remember what you bought with your favorite paycheck?

There are so many others as well. The questions range in intensity and length so you can mix it up and keep things from being too serious if you prefer a lighter tone!

You can always add some funnier and lighter questions into the deck if you are worried about things being too intense. Most of the questions are just designed to help everyone recall favorite memories and moments from their lives!

You can also use funnier cards to help things feel less like an interview and more like a game!

Do you need a fun idea to make the holidays more fun and extra special? These printable family interview cards for Thanksgiving or other holidays are great!

How to use these interview cards:

It is really easy to use these cards. This simple printable can be printed on regular printer paper and then cut with scissors. You’ll click through right here for the download or you can click below for the PDF.

The PDF file will save wherever your computer puts recent or downloaded files so check there after you click and you can print yourself a copy or two of these holiday family discussion cards.

After you print, cut them out and add any questions you want to the blank spaces.

You can use these discussion cards however you want. Here are some fun ideas for how to get things started:

  • One idea is to set a questions card at ever place setting so that you can go around and answer all the questions or let everyone just answer their own!
  • Another idea is to stack them up and play it like a game of 20 questions round robin style with the group.
  • You can fold up all the questions and put them into a bowl or hat and let everyone choose as you move around the group. Let everyone answer or just choose some one to answer your selected question!
  • Another fun way to use these family interview cards is to have everyone select a card and answer on the back. Toss them all into a bowl and take turns pulling a card. See if you can guess who’s card. you pulled by the answer on the back.

As you can see, the possibilities for these interviewing cards are endless! They are just a fun and simple way to get everyone talking and engaging around the dinner table.

Click here to print the family interview cards for Thanksgiving!

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