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50+ Recipes with Avocados

Avocados are a favorite around here, how about at your house? Learn how to choose good avocados so you can try these over 50 recipes with avocados. You’ll find everything from appetizers with avocado to main dish recipes using avocados.

There are so many more ways to enjoy avocados than just guacamole. Not that there’s anything wrong with guac–we love that, too! Find out how to soften an avocado so it’s ready for your next recipe.

Recipes with avocados - salad and tacos with avocado

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How to choose avocados

When you go to the grocery store or farmers market to buy fruits, you expect to get the freshest ones that will last longer. Some fruits, like avocados, only ripen when harvested, so timing is crucial. Get firm and green ones if you want them to last a week. 

Planning to eat avocado toast in the next one to two days? Find avocados that are dark green to dark brown in color and easily yield to gentle squeezing. They get darker as they ripen. An avocado with soft outer skin and bruises may be overripe but, most of the time, still safe to eat.

So how to choose good avocados? It depends on when you plan to use them! We like to buy both ripe and unripe, depending on the recipe.

halved avocado on cutting board with knife

How to cut avocado

Cut a ripe avocado lengthwise around the seed. Then, carefully twist and separate its two halves. Gently remove the seed using the knife. Next, you can scoop out the flesh or peel both halves from the top until the skin falls off. After peeling them off, cut the avocado into cubes or make thin slices.

How to ripen avocado quickly

Avocados soften as they go through the ripening process. Softness is just one of the indicators of ripeness, alongside firmness and color. You can use some hacks to quickly ripen the fruit, but it’s still best to just leave it on a tray on your kitchen counter and wait for it to ripen naturally.

Salad with avocado cubes

How to soften an avocado

Avocados ripen and soften naturally, but there are hacks that you can do to speed up the process. First, the paper bag method! Place the fruit in a paper bag with a banana or apple. They should ripen in around two to three days because bananas, apples, and other fruits produce ethylene gas, a hormone that sets off the ripening process.

The foil method is another approach you can try. Wrap the avocado with aluminum foil and bake it at 200°F. Check every five minutes until you achieve desired softness.

How are avocados healthy?

Avocados are a good source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. In addition, it’s rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, folate, potassium, magnesium, and many other nutrients. This American Heart Association study shows that this green fruit can help nurture the cardiovascular system, preventing lower blood pressure and heart diseases. 

Avocados can also contribute to weight management, improving meal satisfaction and satiety. It’s a superfood that can nourish our bodies inside and out. Eating avocado can also improve skin firmness and elasticity, based on a study involving women who made avocado a part of their diet for a specific period.

Breakfast wrap with eggs and avocado

Why make smoothies with avocado?

Smoothies are easy to make and filled with lots of flavor and nutrients. Make creamy avocado smoothies whenever you feel like you need an energy boost! There are so many fun ways to incorporate this superfruit into your regular diet. Add avocado to your smoothies if you want them to be extra healthy and creamy. 

Smoothies can serve as a suitable meal replacement, depending on the ingredients. Avocados are protein- and fiber-packed fruits, the best ingredients for snack and breakfast smoothies. Feel free to adjust the sweetness and flavors according to your liking. If you want, you can make it completely dairy free.

What other ways can you eat avocado?

Most people are familiar with avocados as the base for guacamole, but you can eat them in so many ways. Avocados are often added to salads because of their health benefits along with their texture and good fats.

Avocados make a great first food for babies, too. Learn how to make baby food with avocado. My big kids (teens) love avocado so much that they’ll just eat it out of the shell with a spoon!

This big list of 50+ recipes with avocados has everything from avocado appetizers to dinner recipes using avocado. Most are recipes with ripe avocado, but plan ahead so you can buy a whole bag and enjoy them later in the week.

50+ Recipes with Avocado

You'll love these avocado recipes!

50 recipes with avocado - cut avocado on wooden table