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Dairy Free Snack Ideas

These dairy free snack ideas can be enjoyed by all, not just vegans and those allergic to dairy. Check our list of easy dairy-free snacks to keep in the pantry.

When looking for dairy free snacks for kids, consider those that are naturally dairy-free like fruits or vegetables. It can be handy, though, to have packaged snacks for sports teams, car rides and other activities out of the house. That’s when keeping snacks that are dairy free on hand is really helpful.

dairy free snacks for kids and adults

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Who are dairy-free snacks for?

You may think that dairy-free snacks are only for those with dairy allergies, but they’re not! Anyone can eat dairy-free snacks. Now, they’re so common that they don’t cost any more than standard snacks.

People avoid dairy for many reasons, not just dairy allergies. Vegans, for example, will find this list of dairy free snack ideas to be very helpful.

How to identify dairy free snacks

When checking the ingredient label of processed snacks, it’s not just the obvious to look for: milk, cheese, and butter. Be aware of other ingredients like casein, lactose and whey powder.

What snacks are dairy free?

Obviously, there are plenty of just-as-they-are snacks that are naturally dairy free. Do your kids like fruits and vegetables for snacks? Some of our favorites are: sliced bell peppers, baby carrots, sliced celery and grape or cherry tomatoes

Usually, my kids will eat more raw vegetables if they have a dip to enjoy with them. But so many easy dip recipes or ready-made dips contain dairy like cream cheese or sour cream. Try any of the easy recipes on Dairy Free Dips for fabulous alternatives.

White platter of vegetable snacks and dip in white bowl

More dairy-free snacks

My family tends to purchase the store brand of many of the below snacks. If you know that a brand-name product is dairy free, you will still need to check the packaging of the similar store brand. Most times, the ingredients are identical, but not always.


If your family can have nuts, those are also naturally dairy-free and provide protein. We buy in bulk and then use reusable containers to divide them into single serving sizes to eat both at home and on the go.


Popcorn is another favorite dairy free snack, as long as you avoid butter and other dairy toppings. Rather than eat it plain, use olive oil or another spray and then toss with your favorite seasonings. Take a look at our 75+ Popcorn Topping Ideas, many of which are dairy free.

Hard boiled eggs

Non-dairy replacement products like cheese and yogurt can be very expensive. We keep hard boiled eggs on hand in the fridge for a quick dairy free snack.

White bowl of popcorn on dark table - dairy free snack ideas

Processed dairy-free snacks

Snack Mix

We make our own mixes rather than purchase trail mix or pre-made snack mix. We do that to avoid peanuts, but you can also do it to avoid dairy. Just be sure that each individual ingredient is dairy-free.


Dry cereal is another favorite snack in our house. Occasionally, though, manufacturers change the ingredients on packaged products. So be sure to check the label each time you purchase. Cheerios and Chex cereals are safe and go well in snack mixes.


There are many varieties of crackers available nowadays that are dairy free, especially if you choose the original flavor and not those with cheese or other seasonings. Ritz, for example, taste buttery but get that flavor from artifical sources. We like Triscuits because they’re made with only wheat, oil and salt.

Chips and Pretzels

Both tortilla chips and potato chips tend to be dairy free, but check the ingredients first. As with crackers, the original variety typically has no dairy while the flavored versions do. Pretzels are the same.

Rice cakes and veggie straws

Like chips and pretzels, the original flavor (plain) is usually free from dairy. Apple cinnamon rice cakes provide whole grain while being both gluten free and dairy free. Veggie Straws are another crunchy snack that is dairy free.

20 packaged dairy free snacks for kids

All of the dairy free snacks on this list are good for kids (and also for their parents). Most are low sugar. Pre-packaged snacks are so convenient to be carried to school or camp.

Dairy Free Snacks

Keep these dairy free snacks in your pantry for an allergy-safe or vegan snack that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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