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10 Homemade Seasoned Pretzel Recipes

Making your own snacks at home saves so much money. Plus, you can use ingredients you prefer and avoid processed foods and preservatives. It’s a win-win! Learn how to make these delicious homemade seasoned pretzel recipes.

Popcorn is another favorite cheap snack, but if you get tired of it, switch over to pretzels. Flavors like ranch pretzels using homemade ranch seasoning are easy to make at home.

Kids and teens aren’t the only ones who love seasoned pretzels. They’re perfect for serving to family and friends when you’re watching sports or doing a family movie night.

round pretzels with herb seasoning - easy homemade seasoned pretzel recipes

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Should I use unsalted pretzels?

If you’re adhering to a special diet or watching your salt intake, then it’s smart to start with unsalted pretzels. One of the biggest benefits to making your own snacks at home is that you can control the ingredients. By using your own homemade seasonings, you avoid the high sodium and many preservatives found in processed snacks.

You can even make your own hard pretzels. That way, you know exactly what is in them.

Plain unsalted pretzel twists in blue bowl on blue wooden surface - homemade seasoned pretzel recipes

How to make seasoned pretzels at home

Making homemade seasoned pretzels is easy–just like making seasoned popcorn. Spread your pretzels out on a flat surface. I recommend a rimmed baking sheet lined with aluminum foil or parchment paper. That makes cleanup easy.

You’ll need something to stick the seasoning onto the pretzels. Butter is the obvious choice, but a healthier option would be olive oil or an oil spray.

Pretzel twists with black seasoning

More ways to add flavor to pretzels

Think about other ways to add more flavor to this traditional snack. What about starting with flavored pretzels? Sourdough pretzels have more of a tangy taste, while honey wheat pretzels have an earthy, sweet flavor.

Change up the butter or oil you’re using for even more flavor. Most grocery stores offer several flavors of butter, such as garlic and herb. Use coconut oil or avocado oil, if you like the flavor. Or look for a flavored olive oil, such as lemon or chili.

More easy snack recipes

pretzel rods coated in sesame seeds

Homemade Seasoned Pretzel Recipes

Whether you prefer savory or sweet flavors, you can make regular old pretzels more exciting with a little bit of flavor. You don’t have to add a ton of calories, salt or preservatives, either.

These recipes will work with any shape of pretzel–so use your favorite!

Homemade Seasoned Pretzel Recipes

These homemade seasoned pretzel recipes are easy to make and will become a favorite snack. Get ideas for seasoned pretzels to make at home.