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15 Easy Canned Tuna Recipes

These tasty tuna recipes are a great way to make canned tuna meals without much muss or fuss. Recipes with tuna are a great budget friendly option!

We love making tuna recipes for dinner not just because they are easy but because they are delicious, budget friendly, and have a lot of great vitamins and minerals along with protein. Try out some of these great options in your next meal plan.

One thing is for sure, all of these recipes are sure to wow your family without adding any unnecessary stress to your life. Easy weeknight meals that use canned tuna will be your new go-to!

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For those of you wondering why we’d promote simple canned tuna recipes we probably need to talk about why canned tuna is a great option! Canned tuna is an inexpensive protein that has a lot of the same benefits as fresh fish but it’s available everywhere at a low price AND it’s shelf stable for a long time so you don’t have to stress about running to the store for ingredients.

A lot of these recipes use other ingredients you can keep on hand easily too so you can buy them, when you need a quick meal you’ll have everything you need, and then dinner can hit the table without any added stress during busy days.

What is the difference between albacore and chunk light tuna?

Solid white albacore tuna is usually large pieces. Chunk light tuna is usually smaller pieces. Both have the same flavors, textures, and are light in color.

There is not much difference in terms of nutritional value, it’s minimal and means that you can use either in these recipes without having to stress.

Chunk light tuna is usually sourced from smaller tuna breeds which also accounts for the difference in the size of the tuna pieces in the cans!

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What kind of canned tuna should I use?

You can use whatever the recipe calls for. When I am buying tuna I usually grab the kind that is dolphin safe and packed in water. It’s up you to and your preferences when purchasing but that is usually my go-to in terms of purchasing.

When it comes to recipes most of the recipes will let you use whatever you like, packed in oil or packed in water, it won’t make much difference once it is drained and ready for use in a recipe.

What to do with tuna? What can I make with tuna?

This collection of tuna recipes is a great way to add ideas to your list for what to do with tuna. If you are wondering what you can make with tuna because you already have some on hand, these are the kind of recipes you want to save for future use! Add all of these to your meal plans and be sure to let us know which ones you loved!

Tuna Recipes

These tasty tuna recipes are a great way to make canned tuna meals without much muss or fuss. Recipes with tuna are a great budget friendly option!

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Feel like you are in a rut? Try out some new things or let your kids or family pick some options from these lists. There’s so much to try you’ll be busy for weeks!

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