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Crockpot Soup Recipes to Make This Week

Fall and winter weather mean it’s soup season! Our favorite crockpot soup recipes make such easy family meals. These slow cooker recipes are perfect to have on hand when it’s cold.

brown bowl of soup with vegetables behind it - Crockpot Soup Recipes

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Why make soup in a slow cooker?

The best crockpot soup recipes have the same benefit as my other favorite crockpot recipes–you can just dump in the ingredients and cook! This way, you can prep the ingredients (usually just chopping and measuring out spices) either that morning or another day. Super easy!

Making soup recipes in the slow cooker allows you to get tender meat without having to cook on the stovetop. I also love how cooking soup so long makes the flavors meld together.

Can you overcook soup in the crockpot?

As long as you’re cooking on Low, it’s fine if your soup cooks longer than the recipe calls for. I’ve had that happen, where I am late coming back from carpool and the crockpot is still going. No worries!

beef stew meal in black crock pot

What you need for crockpot soup

I use the same kitchen supplies every time I make soup in the crockpot. First, you need a good knife. I only have three in my kitchen! I have a paring knife, this chef’s knife and a serrated knife.

Remember that it’s a good idea to have separate cutting boards for raw meat vs. vegetables. We use plastic for meat (since it’s non-porous) and wood for vegetables. You can also designate different colored boards for each type of food.

For my family of five, I use a 6-quart crockpot. We’ve had this ladle for years, and it’s perfect for serving.

My teens are great at chopping vegetables for making soup in the slow cooker. Actually, crockpot cooking is a great way to include kids in the kitchen, since they can dump everything in safely rather than using the stovetop.

ten slow cooker soups pin

What broth is best for crockpot soups?

Everyone has their own preference for using broth in soups, whether it’s boxed, canned, or homemade. Personally, I use low sodium Better Than Bouillon that I buy in large jars at Costco. It stores in the refrigerator, and, I keep chicken, beef and vegetable on hand all the time.

I just use a Pyrex measuring cup to boil water in the microwave and stir in the bouillon. Once it’s dissolved, I add it to the recipe. It’s so easy and convenient, which is why I have stuck with that method all these years.

Beef and vegetable soup in white crock - crockpot soup recipes

What goes with crockpot soup meals?

In my home, the teens are the carb-loaders, while my husband and I have to portion control. Often times, I will make soup without the starch (pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.) and serve it on the side. That way, you know how much you’re getting in your bowl.

If we don’t have starch in the soup, we like these sides:

Easy Crockpot Soup Recipes to try

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meat and vegetables in black slow cooker pot